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Common Questions

How to install a Universal tower base?
When installing one of our bases it is important to make sure you have the base submerged in the concrete to the proper depth. When digging the hole we have specific depths depending on the base you are installing for instance the B-18 base requires a hole to be 3’ x 3’ x 4’ deep. This being said you will want to measure from the bottom of the base leg up 4’ and put a line with a marker and that is how far the concrete should be poured too. If the base has a 5’ deep hole then you will want to measure up 5’ on the base. This is also true if the base requires a 6’ deep hole then you would measure up 6’. It is important to understand that where ever there is a weld on the base it should not be seen above the concrete as the concrete helps to support the base from long term metal fatigue.

What type of concrete is required?
The minimum strength concrete should be 3000 psi. This is a mass foundation so its main purpose is it acts as a counter weight for the tower.

What should you do about the openings in the base legs?
We recommend filling the base leg openings that are in the concrete with play sand. You should fill it up just about an inch shy of the top and then cap it with silicone caulk to cap it off. This will keep any water from getting down the tube.

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